The social cost of a car-based society:

Subject: FMC
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 17:38:24 +0100
Something I don't see addressed in the FMC page of your website is the social cost of a car based society. I sometimes wonder if mass adoption of EVs would reduce the incentive to deal with all the other problems that car-dependence brings with it. You have already mentioned the congestion problem, what about the horrific road-death statistics, the fear that prevents people from walking and cycling, the destruction of countryside and communities by bigger and faster roads, suburban sprawl and so on?
Not to diminish what you are doing, I just think that focusing solely on the pollution argument misses the point somewhat.

EVUK riposte:
Please rest assured the points you make are of course very very, familiar to us: we do of course - believe it or not - have a completely thought-through, original, comprehensive, holistic and - if you must - 'integrated' real-world solution to the broader traffic management problem: we do believe for example in the introduction of cunning, cutting-edge 'carrot&stick' technology to facilitate road/zone/congestion/parking -tolling and that take account of a car's 'eco-rating' and that generally WILL strongly persuade/incentivize drivers to think almost as hard about driving between 7 am - 6 pm(ish) as they would about using a taxi...we can't be more specific largely because one of us here as a few patents pending!! (Note: the same mysterious 'cunning, cutting-edge technology' will also incorporate a 'carrot&stick' speed-calming-and-charging - it sounds just too good to be true , don't it?!).

Also: you will notice that we do not mention Friends of the Earth in our links page: why? FOE and other organisations would actually find it very difficult indeed to demonize the car - as they like to do at present - IF a large percentage of vehicles were electric/zero emission....we do not agree with their impossible 'back to nature/defy human nature' dogma...their collectivist/socialist almost religious belief in public transport, their hatred of out-of-town supermarkets and...well...all the rest of it!

Above all we are not taken in for a moment by that favourite, endlessly-repeated alibi-refrain of so many drivers ie. "IF WE HAD A DECENT PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM THAT RAN ON TIME WE'D USE OUR CARS A LOT LESS." Baloney! Just who are they kidding? Most - especially non-Londoners - would simply scrape further down the barrel of well-worn excuses NOT to use public transport: "No privacy, too much shopping to carry from the bus-stop, buses still not door-to-door, last-bus-back at (hoped for) fun-packed, spontaneous social/sex-life would collapse etc." In short, we are not anti-car but anti-the-mindless-overuse of the car and fundamentally hacked off with having to breathe other people's exhaust-filth when we're out cycling/walking/pushing pushchairs etc..

EVUK exists to fight the corner for pure electric vehicles, to compensate for the deliberate lack of information in the UK media on alternatives to the ICE-tyranny, to make up for the fact that 999 people out of a thousand still drivel on about milk-floats, golf-carts and C5's when/if ever the subject of electric vehicles comes up. As far as the wider transport debate goes - sure, we believe we do have almost all the solutions, real-world solutions that, crucially, would require a minimum of political courage....but they belong in a whole new, different and MASSIVE campaign website....

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