Sp-oils of war / Oil Spills of Mass Destruction

- Hotlinks selection of oil 'n' death news stories and pictures(regularly updated - no shortage of supply...):

Oil & War - Oil and Environmental Mass Destruction:

1) Oil & War:

The Independent(Sep 26, 2002) America, Iraq, Russia etc etc.

2) Oil and Environmental Mass Destruction:

Time Magazine(Dec 2,2002)- Costa Da Morte, Spain - quite literally a "Death Coast" Oil Spill: excellent in-depth feature.

Observer(Nov 24,2002) includes many gruesome archive photos and links.

Guardian(Dec 6, 2002) "Mystery Spill Washes Birds onto UK Coast". (..washes?!?)

On Deadly Ground - listen to Steven Seagal's Town Hall Address from this anti-oil, anti-ICE action thriller.

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