Traffic Pollution "Top Public Worry"
18th September, 1999

The NSCA today published the findings of a survey showing that traffic pollution tops the public's list of worries. The survey, carried out by the Centre for Environmental and Risk Management (CERM), University of East Anglia, asked respondents to consider a list of 22 worry items and rate each according to a four point scale. Almost 65% of respondents said that traffic pollution caused them at least a fair amount of worry - making this the public's top rated worry, above the effects of drugs, violent attacks and food safety. Among respondents living in the London area, 41% claim that traffic pollution worries them a great deal, whilst 74% worry at least a fair amount. Only a tiny 4% claim that traffic pollution does not worry them at all. The survey also shows that those who do not have a vehicle in their household are more likely to be concerned about traffic pollution than those who do - 37% worry 'a great deal' compared with 28% of those with cars. The CERM survey (sponsored by Norwich Union) set out to examine people's worries about a range of issues including 'lifestyle', social welfare, financial and personal safety risks. 1,742 interviews were conducted.

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