Is Driving the New Smoking? asks the BBC (at last!) Jan, 2003.

- Well no...not exactly.. but the car-cinogenic Internal Combustion Engine certainly is the *new cigarette. Except there's nothing new about either of course.
What's more the catalytic converter is the 'new' filter-tip - a cosmetic afterthought designed to ensure the survival of the product not of the user...or of the addict...or of its innocent victims...or of the planet...

See EVUK's long -running ticker-cry:
"US double standards: Tobacco fumes - No! Exhaust fumes - Yeeah!!"

Sadly the double-standards aren't unique to the US of course.
Cast your vote and add your views to BBC London's discussion: 'Is Driving the New Smoking?'.

*The 'New Cigarette? All that's 'new' is the fact that the mainstream media is at last being pressured into stating the obvious - in the same way they were eventually forced to state the obvious in the case of cigarettes and tobacco 20-30 years ago.

Coming Soon: 'What would Jesus smoke?'
(cf.US-based 'What Would Jesus Drive' campaign.)

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