Watch TV satire Smash Hit online NOW!: 'Between Iraq and a Hard Place'. It's not about oil or mass distraction, OK?! (Update Mar 2003: Now watch even more Bremner highlights!! )

Bin Laden Video "Between Iraq and a Hard Place" - instantly available online now! And completely free! A must-see masterpiece from Rory Bremner - Britain's/ the world's No. 1 TV impressionist, satirist, linguist, comedy genius...wickedly aided and abetted by a uniquely talented comedy team.

Bush Cowboy America urgently needs to see this!! Bremner impersonates and character-assassinates Blair, Bush, bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Cheney, Rumsfeld and's hilarious, brilliantly-researched - and free!.

And to any Americans out there - this UK satire is infinitely more ruthless and "patriotically incorrect" than either Jon Stewart("The Daily Show") or Bill Maher(ex"Politically Incorrect") would ever dare to be....

So - why is the programme online and free? Basically because TV Channel 4(a national UK, non-cable, free-TV channel ) were so inundated with requests for the show to be repeated, they just had to put it out there on the web for the world to see.

We recommend that you begin with Part 3(..lasts 9 mins) - it packs a killer punch - if you don't have the time/patience(yet) for the whole show. Just click and watch!

But for the full, loaded barrel o' laughs, programme-description, links to transcripts etc., click here.

(Jan, 2003)

LOOK - now there's even more! (Update: March 2003)
Now you can watch even more hilarious highlights from the latest all-too-short Bremner, Bird and Fortune series. Don't miss such gems as 'Project for the New American Century' and 'Blair and Bush at Camp David'!

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