MYTH 1) - that EV's are by definition LOW-RANGE. 60-70 miles is the usual myth-conception or myth-information...

MYTH 2) - that EV's are all by definition worthy-but-nerdy little city-shoppers (cf. TH!NK, Nissan Hypermini, Sparrow) for dyed-in-the-anorak environmentalists.

MYTH 3) - that hybrid-electric and fuel-cell vehicles are the best 'future car' option. Sure - just not from the consumer's perspective!! The hybrid-electric compromise is little more than a means of protecting the OIL and 'ICE' food-chain, supply-chain, government petrol-tax revenues - ie. the 'status quo'. As for the fuel- cell option - drivers will similarly almost certainly continue to be at the mercy of both oil-turned-hydrogen fuel-suppliers(...hello Shell, BP,Texaco...) and the taxman...whoopie! In short - the higher the range of PURE electric vehicles is allowed to get - the greater the threat to this familiar coalition of vested interests. See: EV's Are Still The Gold Standard in Electrifying Times and Driving The Future: long-range(200-300 mpc) pure EV's are cleanest option...and achievable. Die-hard EV-sceptics can all singalong to the Stonecutters' Song!

SECONDLY...and more generally - EVUK will showcase any COOL ELECTRIC WHEELS or ZERO EMISSION INITIATIVES and ideas from around the planet that Smash the Stereotypes and Break the Mould and fill the media's EV- VOID ...everything from America's electrified/stealth cycle-cops to Ferrari-kickin' Arizona desert electric drag-racing...or 'e-scootin, eco-cruisin' Oscar-winners like Kev Spacey....
That's it - please help us TURN UP THE VOLTAGE & TURN UP THE VOLUME!! - before we all choke to bloody death!!!

(Ed: "bloody" - a bit strong, ain't it? Carlucci: NO, it's graphic but literal: 25,000 deaths a year and many more chronic illnesses in the UK due to traffic pollution can be very BLOODY's WAKEUP-CALL time...)
Why not print out and hand out our EV 'Essential Facts' flyer?

" See also: High Cost of Hydrogen Fuel"

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