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(This SOS/PayPal page created: Mar 04)

It is something of an understatement to describe EVUK as a "non-profit" - it's more a case of zero-funded!
Apart from free web-hosting - courtesy of Corrosive Design - EVUK is financed entirely from our own limited private funds.

So far - in order to ensure complete editorial freedom - we have chosen not to accept financial backing from any commercial sponsors, advertisers etc. Whilst we continue to review this policy, it is safe to say that any radical change is unlikely.

In the meantime, the smallest of donations will obviously be hugely appreciated.

(EV technology is all about making a little electricity go a long way - maximum efficiency + maximum economy. We will apply the same principle to any contributions received. We do not for example waste cash on eco-conference junkets & jaunts that invariably do little more than conclude that: "All we need is more political will.")


Advertise your ethical or green business/organisation on EVUK's News or Home pages 24/7 in an unshared space for just £30/month or £75 for 3 months.

How well-known is EVUK ?
Well - try Googling on Keywords "Electric Vehicle" or "Electric Car" - and you will see that EVUK appears in No. 1 position on Page ONE from a grand total of around 2 million search results...
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