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Which of these electric vehicles would get your VOTE ??

A: the Ford e-Ka - capable of 125 miles per charge and 80 mph. 1p-a-mile.
(picture left)


  B: the TH!NK City - 53 miles per charge and 56 mph. Also 1p-a-mile. Ford re-TH!NKs City for 2002 -but no change to range.
(picture right )

- Ford would have us believe that the e-Ka - based on the best-selling, massively popular petrol-powered Ka - is "not commercially viable".

- Why not let us know if you agree with what Ford's.... "experts say"?

We invite you - in true TV Quiz Show/multiple-choice style to play....

(can you..."a-Ford to miss out?")

...Yes - why not tell us ( - and Ford UK (Tel:+44 (0)1277 253308) - which of the following you believe to be most "commercially viable?" (one selection only please!!):

A: Ford e-Ka

B: Ford TH!NK City

C: Ford at Dagenham (Fiesta fiasco, overcapacity, 2000+ job losses...)

D: Ford Explorer* (rollover+blowout car-nage, SUV's and soaring fuel prices....)

Please send us your vote/verdict - we'll be sure to pass your views on to the good folks - the experts - at Ford....

(*Ford have announced (Apr/May 2001) plans to introduce a 42% more fuel-efficient hybrid-electric version of the Explorer in 2004 - but only as an optional extra. Given that low-sited batteries/electric motor(lowered centre of gravity...) could also help reduce rolloverability - why the delay please?? Why not....kill 2 birds with 1 stone - or at least just stop 'em taking off....?)

++ STOP PRESS Sept '01 : Ford UK - experts in the "commercially viable" - announce record 650 (US$965) million(!!) loss. Ford global net losses for 2001 - $5.45 billion!
(See/Search Financial Times for details.) ++

++Ford "Living in Alice in Wonderland Dreamland" says judge - in yet another billion dollar lawsuit-loss (ignition/stalling)++.

Newsflash. Urgent !! (Apr '02) : US Company seeks UK/EU partners for its price-busting, ultra-long-range Lithium batteries(...hello Ford/Th!nkmobility...?)

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