FMCs - Frequently Made Comments - as opposed to FAQs

Most people still "Make Comments" rather than "Ask Questions" whenever (if ever!) the subject of EV's/ZEV's comes up. Die-hard EV-sceptics' instinctive reaction is so often derisory, defensive, dismissive - with words to the effect that..." car is my favourite toy, my only true love. Leave me alone you anti-car, anti-fun, vegetarian eco-warrior, you!"
Other "Frequently Made Comments" (as in ah ha! Gotcha there!) are dealt with on this page. Feel free to alert us to any other yawning FMCs we may have overlooked. Until we've completed this page we recommend in the meantime you look at Driving the Future, EV's Are Still The Gold Standard in Electrifying Times, The Phoenix Electric Vehicle Association - and, well, EVUK!

: Electric vehicles simply displace pollution to the power station.

: Fuel cell cars will make EV's obsolete anyway.

: People will not buy EV's unless they match performance of gasoline. vehicles.

: There is little public demand or interest in EV's - look at the California experiment-EV's are a dud there.

: Hybrids offer the benefits of a pure EV but without the "inconvenience" of recharging or limited range.


: EV's won't solve the congestion problem.

: Public would need educating into accepting EV's.

: Electric vehicles are inconvenient - need plugging in etc.

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