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New ! Time to Re-Activate, Re-EValuate and Re-Boot a buried gem of a movie:  :
"I (Heart) Huckabees" (2004). Why now ? All will become clear if you read on and watch our wickedly "incendiary" clip montage...
Naomi_aka_ Dawn_RedWhiteBlue_wide_before_awakening


Huckabees Wahlberg EV Carter Cadillac
- Mark Wahlberg crushes jock-macho stereotypes as Tommy Corn - a fiercely green, anti-oil, geopolitically inflammatory, bicycling fire-fighter seeking a much better world - and an all-electric Cadillac.

- Click any image or here for our full unexpurgated Tommy Corn article and clip collage...

EVUK Exclusive(yet again !) :  "Spensational" update:  billionaire (Baron) Michael Spencer becomes co-director of Superdielectrics Ltd.
Companies House filing confirms appointment. Full details.

New ! Sssh !  Superdielectrics - Silent Bombshell News:  the Sunday Times(alone) quietly breaks the "supercap silence" :
  "Michael Spencer - the "City of London' s Richest Self-Made Man" - Invests £8 Million in Disruptive UK Supercapacitor Company"
- Superdielectrics now valued at £250 million
- Sunday Times:  "The Cambridge-based company is eyeing a float in London"
- Read our uniquely detailed report - guaranteed to raise a few smiles and eyebrows too of course...


New ! Exclusive !  Supercap these(x14) ! Just for the Record(as in Book, Guinness ?):   Superdielectrics Ltd officially registered / incorporated FOURTEEN new 'Ltd' companies in ONE single day(...but noone seemed to notice)
Supercapacitors Unlimited_Sky Not The Limit
(PS. It's not just socket science or rocket science or pocket science...)


New ! Schooling Grown-Ups:
- a clip-chain Youtube tribute to St.Trinians-Thunberg-Tesla.
"Never too small to make a difference" - School Girls Kick Some Serious Adult A$$
...and Wind Power, Green Power, Girl Power Save the Day - for St. Trinian's and (Saint?) Thunberg !
Joining the dots..by joining the clips.  Click any pic to see the full clip-trip:
St.Trinians Celia Climate ChangeTrinians Tesla Roadster 2009 Frittons Gold
Above  left:    Celia - St. Trinian's very own Greta Thunberg - delivers this clear and very un-movie-like green message in 2009 ..when Greta Thunberg was just 6 yrs old:
Celia:  "Climate change is the most important issue our generation faces. Sea-levels are rising. The ice-caps are melting ".
Above  right:   Tesla Roadster movie debut:  a predictably underrated(too subversive !) 2009 film, "St.Trinian's - The Legend of Fritton's Gold" was also the first movie ever to feature a normal-looking or sinfully cool all-electric car.
And, yes, wind-power, green power and girl power save the day for St.Trinians and saintly Thunberg:
St.Trinians Pirate Ship WindPower GirlPower
Schoolgirl Greta Thunberg Girl and Wind Power Sail on High Seas

And here's one more Tesla-Trinian connection or bond for you to recall or wonder at:   Elon Musk and St.Trinian's "head girl" Talulah Riley married and divorced each other Musk_with_ex-Trinian_Wife_Talulah_and_another_Roadstertwice between 2010 and 2016 - so in the space of six years following the release of "Fritton's Gold". (Click image for more..).


New ! Supercap this ! (Part I)
"50-500 times the energy-density of lithium ion"
"Potentially". "Theoretically".

Superdielectrics_RollsRoyce 50-500_Times_Lithium_Jim_Heathcote
RollsRoyce RR Image Rolls Royce plc are now backing
this potentially game- or world-changing technology - so why is almost noone talking about it ?
Still too disruptive for the mainstream and the masses ? Watch exclusive 30 second clip - containing that extraordinary "50-500 times..etc" statement.
When will next-gen supercapacitors take off ?

Breaking News ! (Feb 4) :   "Tesla Buys Leading Supercapacitor Manufacturer Maxwell Technologies".
(Now there's a coincidence ! Just 6 days after we posted up our silence-shattering supercap piece above...Musk makes this "ultra-timely" move right out of the blue. Supercap Synchronicity ? )<>


New ! Tesla v Hyundai
Who's laughing now Hyundai ?

Hyundai-Kona 18600 total vTesla-Elon-Musk 5000 week
Tesla's 5000-7000 Model 3's per week and global delivery

..versus :

Hyundai's derisory, laughable 18,600 Kona EVs for the whole of 2018.

Hyundai-Kona 18600 total vTesla-Elon-Musk 5000 week
Hyundai's original Tesla-teasing billboard should obviously have targeted the world's major car manufacturers:   they all still refuse to produce electrified SUVs and crossovers, only two of their EVs have an official 200+ mile range and what's more - make that less - GM sell the Bolt in just four of the world's 196 countries...and the Zoe ain't for sale in the US.
(Read on...)

New ! Having it Both Ways:  the Global Auto Alliance aka Car-tel Cabal. Square these circles :
Have It Both Ways - EV Canutes

1) "EVs cost too much to produce !"
- versus:
2) "EVs need just a fraction of the workforce to produce compared to combustion vehicles"   "Millions of jobs will be lost globally !"
-Reuters: "Switch to EVs Threatens 75,000 German Auto Industry Jobs"
-Reuters: "Hyundai Union Leader Says EVs Destroy Jobs"    "EVs Are Evil !"
- versus:
- "GM Loses Money on Every Bolt EV"
Have It Both Ways - EV Canutes
  - So someone must be lying or being very uneconomical with the truth - forever dreaming up new pretexts for procrastination or digging up old ones to stem the growing tsunami tide of change - King Cabal-Canute-style.
(...and all-too predictably no journalists/commentators seem keen to highlight the glaring, truth-exposing self-contradiction)
Have It Both Ways - EV Canutes
See: VW Brand Chief Vows to Boost(almost triple) gasoline SUV Sales".  As does BMW - using the handy, have-it-both-ways excuse highlighted above  ie. 'cos EVs cost so much to produce - what with having to pay so few workers to produce 'em, n'all....

June 18 2018:
Breaking (Collusion) News :
"Audi CEO Rupert Stadler Arrested, VW Confirms"
From BMW Raid to Global Alliances aka Car-tel Cabals - the Ugly Truth will out.
Two (exclusive/elusive) video refreshers:
- Redacted Tonight's satirical take and take-down. Watch TV clip :
Recall(April 2): Global Auto Alliances, Assocs aka the "united voice" Car-tel Cabal own the EPA - overturn emissions and clean car legislation.  Even the Wash Post is unimpressed..

- Boom & Bust's un-Redacted BMW Raid Wrap - for all those who've forgotten - or never knew - that a raid by EU investigators ever happened. Watch TV clip :
Redacted side-split:   amusingly, the BBC did not report the October 2017 raid on BMW offices until 5 months later in March 2018(!) - and then reported it as if it had just happened.. with the raid date rudely redacted.

Re-View ! "Go Slow!"
The Coalition of the Unwilling - the 'cartel-cabal' - crawls out of the shadows..yet the world's media stays largely silent.
But it's official(Elektrek etc):
Global auto cabal still pressing China to slow down EV advances.

Below:   two videos of two wickedly disruptive EV advances that the cartel-cabal(and others) still don't wanna see happen...
JAC eSUV iEV6s bronze Reviewer leaning text

Sirius Supercaps Replace Batteries

But what else and who else are they opposing, ganging up against, blocking, stifling, snuffing out ?
(cf. " The Simpsons - Stonecutters: "Who holds back the electric car...?")

New ! A comedy first ?
"Redacted Tonight":   top US political comedy-satirists stand up for EV's.
Green_Day_w_text_Environment Boo'ed
Fiction reflects Fact:  Green Day - boo'ed and garbage-bombed for daring to talk green...
Lee Camp RT Redacted_Tonight_pro_EV_skit

Elec-Taurus Simpsons_air
- watch our caustic "Summer Camp" clip mix - with a lethal dose of Simpsons and Green Day car-toon musicology/ecology.

New ! Latest-tech diesels are still 6+ times dirtier(NOx) on average than EU legal limit in the real world - not the lab(German Environment Ministry )
Nano3Sat TV Diesel v Dirty STILL
- so why do most people think the problem's been solved...and why is the media so silent + compliant - again ?
Ingolf Baur Presenter Nano 3Sat_TV Diesel_v_Dirty_STILL
German TV report:  
"It Just Keeps Getting Dirtier"
Original text and translation. TV video.
(NB. we're not just talking German cars...)

Jürgen Resch :  diesels exported to the US emit over 90% less NOx. Cost of fix:   "a few 100 euros".
3Sat 'Nano' video 2.
Nano3Sat TV Dirty Stuttgart_Cycling_Choking_TV_Presenter
3Sat 'Nano' video 3(18. May):
"Dirty Stuttgart" - a cycling, masked TV presenter hits out.
(English subtitles for 'Nano' and for a global audience please, 3Sat !!)

NANO, NO & NOx NOTES:  Wikipedia & Nano.

'NANO' - 3Sat TV:  easily the world's best, most intelligent innovation/science/tech show. Mon-Fri - since 1997.

New ! Roll up Roll Up !  Surrey/Bristol Universities and Augmented Optics welcome media interview requests:   see this open invitation with full contact details at SupercapacitorMaterials.com under "Notes for Editor" - click this image/facsimile:
Media_Interviews invited SupercapacitorMaterials Surrey Bristol Augmented
Many mainstream media outlets covered the original breakthrough supercap news - so where are the 2017 follow-up stories and interviews...to keep the dream alive ?

Oxbridge Profs batts v Surrey Bristol Drs. SupercapsNew ! University Challenge:
-  are Oxbridge 'Profs' about to be trumped, topped and capped by Bristol/Surrey Univ. 'Drs'?

Oxbridge Profs(cap-less ?):
Oxbridge Profs v Surrey Bristol Supercap DrsOxbridge Profs batts v Surrey Bristol Drs. SupercapsOxbridge Profs batts v Surrey Bristol Drs. Supercaps

Surrey/Bristol Drs.(supercapped !):
Oxbridge Profs batts v Surrey Bristol Drs. SupercapsOxbridge Profs batts v Surrey Bristol Drs. SupercapsOxbridge Profs batts v Surrey Bristol Drs. Supercaps

Did Musk lift a Li-air patent(in 2013) from the US Defense Department(2007)?  Guilty as charged !
And a related Q+A:
Q: Will 'coming soon' supercap + battery combi-powerpacks(batt-cap packs?) eclipse elusive li-air ?
A: Yes - here's why ! Musk Supercap Superfan for_25_years
GigaCap factories next then, Elon ?
Why waste zillion$$ on superchargers when superfast supercapacitors beckon ?

NB. Musk has been a semi-secret supercap-superfan..for 25 years !

Tesla v Army(Li-air patents):
Tesla Patent_Li-Air_dual-batt_2013 US Defense Dept granted hybrid Liair patent 2007
Li-air plus Li-ion(etc) combi-powerpack patents - time now to combine supercaps with Li-ion(etc) instead ?

New ! As the Quest for the Holy Grail power-pack ramps up...
..an SOS plea to Chris Paine:   is it not time for one final electric shockumentary ?
"Who Keeps Killing the Miracle Battery ?"
(for smartphones, EVs etc)
Holy EV_Battery_GrailUltracap Ltd UK EV_supercapacitors_Prof_Krstic
Right"charge in seconds..40x lighter than li-ion..millions of charge cycles..eco-friendly".   Eureka ?  Or the auto and oil industries' worst nightmare ?

- See our Top 15 Holy Grail contenders / pretenders.
- And as yet another international battery conference wraps up(IBA 2017, March 5-10, Japan) ...someone just has to ask:
- what will the world's battery scientists do with their time if the miracle cell ever makes it to production ?

- Now connect those storage dots with:
MIT Tech Review:
"Battery manufacturers don't want radical breakthroughs".

(Memo to MIT:  neither do most carmakers !)

New ! ">Hallelujah !  GM sells Vauxhall and Opel !
GM Dumps Vauxhall Opel_Adieu_Ampera Hello Bolt
- Will this open the door to the sale of the Chevy Bolt and Volt in Europe/Britain and an end to the "Ampera" and "Ampera-e" name-change nonsense ?

New ! Jan-Feb Highlights (x 3):
1) Loglio & Pečjak:   two EV world range-record rivals meet in Slovenia.
Work-in-progress: a Slovenian Solar-Van. Range options: 500km or 1000km(!) :
Marco Andrej Powerpiki

Solar Van Metron Pecjak_500-1000km_range

2) ElectricGT :   it's all good news:   two races at each venue, non-nuclear green energy and a candid, can-do, spin-free (Scottish!)  CEO.

3) Schwarzenegger and Kreisel shame major carmakers with all-electric SUV(Mercedes G-Wagen) plus ...
- the electric, trail-blasting/blazing, mountain-crawling, shopping-trip Jeeps that make Arnie...look like a wuss..
e-AV Jeep KIT 2dayconversion150mpc Poison

New ! Bribery Charges & Battery Charges
Samsung's 3-years-from-now, 600km battery promise..
Samsung Jay_Y_Lee_Vice_P. Bribery Charges
.. more than just a timely distraction from Korean Presidential bribery scandal ?

New ! Hyundai's Ioniq and the chronic Elastic Range Waiting & Guessing Game -
- who or what should we believe ?
  Hyundai claim range test 351 km

 Hyundai Ioniq  Test Irish Times200 km range FullyCharged Ioniq Llewellyn
Quote:    "105 miles"..."125 miles" ..."Up to 220 miles"..."meagre range" ?!

New ! No, BBC !  Volkswagen is NOT making "big strides" EV-wise.
VW - unlike Renault - are still only making "Boy Cried Wolfsburg" next year promises.
VW e-UP 2016_range_NEDC_160km_girls
Usain Bolt Great Strides
BBC's Jane Wakefield singles out VW - not Renault or even GM - for praise

Late Breaking BMW Bloomberg News - 12. Nov(it's not just us !) :
"BMW Labor Chief Urges CEO to Speed Up EV Roll-Out"

New ! Fact v Fiction:   350km range ?
Yeti v Zoe (VW-Kreisel v Renault)
Yeti VW Soda Kreisel_Skoda_350km_range_claimed Renault Zoe 300-400km range
Zoe = fact
Yeti = fiction  (until proven otherwise)

FE TV Alert: Sun Oct 9 08.30:   Formula E Hong Kong Live TV Channel 5, Channel 5+1.
See FiaformulaE.com and all HK Formula E Youtube'd videos.

New ! 'RE': Range-Extended, 100% biofuelled "series" hybrids
- As Nissan teases at least two extended-range hybrids..
LincVolt 1Road Nissans electric or series EREV hybrid please
..is it time for EV purists to look again  at range-extended(RE) biofuelled / multi-fuelled series hybrids aka "EREV's ?
Nissan_e-Bio_Fuel_Cell_Bio_LincVolt.jpg Captur not electric Nissan e-Captur why when
Probably - if they can be powered by sustainably produced, 100% ethanol, 100% biodiesel

New ! As summer scorches and sizzles ..the question has to be asked:
Moke Moore 007 LiveAndLetDrIvE_1 Moke Moore 007 LiveAndLetDrIvE_2
- can cheap-and-cheerful eMokes, EVs and and a de-fossilized Bond help save a World That's Not Enough ?
Moke_Red_BigMTAuto_Alibaba.jpg Black Cab Moke QIKMOKE California
Never Say Never, right ?

New ! French connections - joining the dots...
N.I.C.E. = "No Internal Combustion Engine".
Internal Combustion Ed BlackInternal Combustion Ed Black
Oil and ICE - the root cause(s) of terrorism.

New ! Ghosn's Realm of Possibility
Pecjak Renault-Nissan_Dacia_electric_500km_2012 Nissan Juke Electric_Possible_2016_Ghosn
Which Renault-Nissan vehicle has an all-electric range of 500km ?
(It's no Joke...)

Red Green Alert !   Sunday June 19, 10.00:  Neil Young and Cerys Matthews meet to talk music, Mother Earth(and motors that matter ?).

New ! Singer-songwriter Cerys Matthews - laying down tracks in EV's..
EV Cerys Matthews_Sings_EV_Float_Monte_Carlo_ULEV
..but is her new-born-electric, ex-Catatonia EV-angelism just another elaborate BMW (i3) PR production ?

New ! StoreDot's 2015 "come May 2016" pledge-that-never-happened:  5-min recharge and a Tel Aviv-Beersheba drive-demo..
Doron Myersdorf_BBC_2015_StoreDot  StoreDot Tel_Aviv_Beersheba drive promise
The Gospel Truth ?  300 miles/charge, low cost, organic, revolutionary, "already here" - Abramovich the angel investor ?

New ! No Nissan !  Madrid does NOT have the world's largest electric taxi fleet !
For the record:
8900+ BYD e6 taxis for Taiyuan China No Record Madrid Nissan Leaf 110 Taxis2016
Madrid has just 110 Leafs - but Taiyuan(China) has over 4,000 BYD e6 taxis, Shenzhen has 2,800.

New ! BMW's and the media's time-warping tense-trick..
BMW 325iX 93 miles range 1987 all electric
Back-to-the-Future v Still-Born Electric:   BMW have not increased the range of the i3. Or the 325iX.

New ! On sale in 2016:
Marco SUV 500km Yema EV500 bootMarco SUV 500km Yema EV500 Road front
- a 500km/charge affordable electric SUV/crossover.
- Beating the Bolt and the Tesla Model 3/Y.
Part II EVUK-Loglio Long-Range Exchange now extended.
Baoqi is the key:
Baoqi 500km_Range China Solar MarcoBaoqi 500km_Range China Cargos Marco

New ! Formula EDF - Aquafuel taboo continuesEDF Logo v Aquafuel Formula E in pre-ePrix Paris.
(see also: April 11: "EDF Partners with the Visa Paris ePrix")
Paris postscript(April 24): Earth Day & Race Day: Aquafuel featured, EDF faded.

New ! Bloomberg:  THREE more BMW EV / i8 Execs Jump Ship !  (just days after we called for an FE Mutiny against BMW/VW's long-range laggards, spoilers & refuseniks..)

New ! France's(Fessenheim)Segolene Royal - French Enviro Energy Minister Nuclear Site Offer to Tesla:  Musk must be surely tempted - or sorely torn..
By Royal Invitation...
Circled France_59_Nuclear_Reactors 85% Gov ownedPhoenix Supercharged Soar Solar
- he's not yet said no...and yet to say yes.

New ! Formula E:  DS Virgin Technical Director Bemoans Better-Battery-Ban
...on Chat-E live TV - to a global audience.

New ! Tesla Model 3-Years-Too-Late*  Unveiling(31. March)
Tesla Model 3 Design PredictionTesla Model 3 Design_Prediction Stumpf
Battery life-span - 150,000 miles or half a million++ ?    Will Musk finally confirm cycle life - and not just speak of warranties ?
(*3 Years Too Late to be
deemed disruptive)

New ! Positive Paris Piece Postscript - re FE-Aquafuel-Nuclear...
... and Mexico:
FE Mexico_Preview_Shields_007_SpectreFE 007 Mexico Preview_Shields_007_Spectre
- at last a dedicated (F1) )race-track hosts Formula E ! (Sat, March 12, ITV Schedule)

New ! Formula E's Paris Spring :   formidable!

Nuclear powers  France's EV prowess - but FE race-cars are positively nuke-free.

New ! Two 2015 EV Awards/Nominations that DO deserve applause(and crowd-funding !)  now and in 2016..
Pecjak WTN Award presentation New York Bolt M-1 motorbike gets GQ Best Stuff Award
- Award I :  New York:  Andrej Pečjak(826km Metron Mazda5) World Technology Network Finalist (see vital NY video)
- Award II :   Bolt M-1 Motorcycle - GQ Mag "Best Stuff of 2015"

New ! Musk chides VW:
 - has he never heard of the eMii, the IBE..
..or the Na-ion VWision of Prof S. Passerini !!?

Musk chides VWMusk chides VWPinch of Salt Na-ion instead of Li-ion
Think 'eSalt' / 'Tesla' Elon - a handy anagram mnemonic...

Stop Press:  VW  to unveil new EV at CES in Las Vegas on Tues,Jan 5 - will it Beat the Bolt ?

New ! The Dumbest(or most mendacious/pernicious ?) Headline of The Year
...and the award goes to ..the Daily Mirror:
Mirror Opposite-of-Truth ICE more Efficient than EVs  Mirror Opposite-of-Truth ICE more Efficient than EVs
"New Car Battery Could Make Electric Motors Just As Efficient As Petrol And Diesel(!!!)"

New ! VW Wrap:   the EU knew, petrol too, BMW's "we're innocent", "fraud systemic" says study, VW-Audi's Putra Formula E victory..
VW Audi Ironic Formula E Victory Putrajaya 2015 November Post Scandal
..and as expected the EU's range-doubling GreenLion Germanium VWanishes from final(Nov) report(VW/Seat sponsored)

New ! The Bolt: now available everywhere !

Ride on the Right, Left, Off-Road, Off-limits - 100% GM-free !
Plus: Brit satirist's censored, GM-slamming Youtube clip now totally recalled, revived, re-ignited.

New ! Re: GM's "No RHD Bolt for Britain"(or Japan, India, Australia, S.Africa, Singapore, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Mozambique...)
So why did GM's very British Bolt-designer Stuart Norris present the company's "Official Review"(Youtube) of the Bolt 8 months ago ?

New ! VW's GreenLyin' / GreenLion :
Green Lion liion EU Project VW_Lyin
  - some prophetic, poetic justice for Planet Earth(and the Irish?)

New ! The EU 's range-doubling GreenLion Germanium breakthrough:
Green Lion liion EU Project VWVW_e-Golf range 83 miles 2015
.. silence now roars - from Limerick to Wollongong

New ! Latest exclusive exchanges:   Loglio throws down the low-cost, long-range (500-1000 km) gauntlet...
Yema T70 400km 2015 front
Hedrick(e-Go/2050Motors) and Pečjak(Metron/Mazda5) respond..

New ! Nikola Tesla's Time has come - the "ICE" Age must pass and fade away...
Nikola Tesla Youtube Missing SecretsNikola Tesla EV Pierce Arrow Free EnergyNikola Tesla The Lightning Light
- Nikola Tesla was born on July 9-10 1856 "at the stroke of midnight with lightning striking in a summer storm"

New ! 605km+ Munich-Berlin in 2010:  they called him a cheat and a fraud -
DBM Energy/Kolibri 714 km range DEKRA validated  Grolman Kolibri Electrive vid interview Schwierz
- now new foes want DBM founder/CEO Hannemann prosecuted on new 'charges'

New ! "Jesus !(x2)  My God !(x3)"FE Narrow Margins Battersea Piquet - to quote the series champion.   Watch full phenomenal FE Finale in London(now Youtube'd).

New ! Formula E (London,June 27-28): ITV TV Logo for FE   watch Free UK TV (ITV4, ITV4+1, ITV1) and/or FIA Live Streaming(all just 2 clicks away, worldwide)

New ! Stationary, driver-less, dis-connected Tesla - Kolibri/DBM déjà vu all over again ?
Stirling Moss in_his_Renault_Twizyex-GM Bob Lutz Harvard Prof Bartman Tesla NOT Disruptive
...some taboo Tesla truth trickles out at last - via Bob Lutz and Harvard's Prof Bartman.

New ! 736km v 801km - the Slovenia v China range challenge heats up...
Nanning TV Zotye Fiat Multiplia 801 km range recordMetron Mazda5 736km Record Start Bled
...as Pečjak eyes Fiat Multipla Shenzhen-Nanning record.

ESP:   Iglesias's Plan EPablo_Iglesias_Plan_E_Podemos + Agag's Formula E - could Podemos help bring ePrix/FE to Spain..Madrid ?
If not, why not ?

New ! WAVE 2015 Parade EV Record attempt scheduled for Berlin Formula E - 2/3 hrs before race-start
WAVE 2014 507 E-VehiclesWAVE_2014_Gull-Winged_Merc

New ! FE Monaco race-wrap: disruptive Zoe earns trackside product placement..
Renault_Zoe_Monaco_FE_Trackside_2 Agag Monaco Gala Gildo Pastor Mentioned
...Agag breaks silence re stroke-victim(etc) Gildo Pastor (Venturi CEO), Branson does a Dario(=two race-tech romanticists ?)

The BMW-baiting/beating, 200 mile/charge Chinese e-Go needs 'champion' partners - not race tracks

New ! French Connections:   an Aston Martin(E ?) for 007, Bond Fetish video in Monte Carlo...
Fetish Moore Face Aston Martin DBX_Hybrid_for_Bond_QVenturi Fetish in Monaco
Top Marques, EVER, New Energy Rally, Bibendum Challenges and FE monocoques in Monaco
Monaco EVs EVER and_Rallye Energies Nouvelles 20 YearsVenturi_Gildo_Pastor_Fetish_007_Monaco.jpg
- and a Monégasque Murder Mystery(Victim:   Venturi CEO's Mother - Monaco's Richest Resident)

New ! Formula E: Dear Dario: 
FE race technology won't speed up EV progress -
Dario_Franchitti_Miami_Pit_InterviewKerry Kirwan_TEDx_Research.Agag Long Cal  Beach Battery_Forever
- but ITV's / global TV's top-drawer coverage will
ie. by dramatically increasing EV awareness.
Update: fast Finnish pit-stop cell-swapping, China to use two(axial flux?) motors

New ! Vive La Renault-Revolution !
ZOE range increased to almost 150 miles(149=240km)
- Price cut pledged.
French now lead TWO races:   Formula E & low(er)-cost long-range EVs  (PS: FE Long Beach ITV4 Sat 18.00 Sun 04.25)

Formula E Miami ITV4: Sat 14 March 15.00 UK. Highlights Sunday. (Free entry if you're in Miami)

New ! An Affordable Ford 200 miler ?
Don't believe a rumour - until it's officially denied.  Bingo!

New ! Formula E London:
Battersea Best Track View  AerialBattersea Power Station View  Aerial
Battersea's Battery-powered Bonanza-extravaganza
(three races, Sat-Sun 27-28 June)

- Zaragoza's grass-roots FE bid
Rinspeed Budii Cloud Cuckoo CamQuant E in Zurich For Real 2015 Feb
- Geneva's March Madness..and Fantastical or Fictional FlowCell Fuels(Quant EV range: "1000km")

New ! Olé Chevrolet ! (Un)Reliable Rumour now confirmed...
200 mpc(miles per charge!) GM Bolt launch sped up by 6 months - end 2016 not mid-2017.

New ! Jan-Feb miscellany:  true EV news & views with few taboos ...incl. Power Japan Plus excl. update
Plus: Picture-in-Picture - has Russell Brand finally stopped Trews-cruising in climate-killing cabs(8.5 tonnes of CO2/year) ?
When will this "Revolutionary" revolt ?

New ! Memory Jolt:
Bolt EV 2009(Pečjak, Letrika, Metron)
Bolt EV 2017(GM)
MazdaRX8_Bolt_EV_Metron GM Bolt with text

Re-View ! Post-Mortem Postscript(11.01.2015):
In Memoriam. R.I.P. Janko Jamnik(1964-2014)

New ! Silenced: Leading lithium cell scientist assassinated in Slovenia -
Slovenia Scientist Assassination Leading Lithium and Energy SpecialistSlovenia Scientist Assassination Leading Lithium and Energy Specialist
- silencer used, silence from international media...

New ! Italian-Chinese Record Ignored: 801 km in a Fiat(Zotye)
.Shenzhen TV Zotye Fiat Multiplia 801 km range recordNanning TV Zotye Fiat Multiplia 801 km range record
Another EVUK Exclusive: unseen TV video reports plus a quick Q&A with Dr. Marco Loglio (Q&A added:  30.12)

New !  736 km range record(Bled-Dubrovnik)
Be Amazed : e-Mazda - aka Mazda5 Metron 7
EVUK Exclusive: Q&A with creator Andrej Pečjak
/Metron Mazda5 736km Record Start BledMetron7 Mazda5 Team Hotel Stopover
Plus: first Youtube clips now uploaded
Mazda execs:   "amazed" - but not amused...

Formula E: Uruguay, Punta del Este
Time & TV Alert: Sat 13 Dec, 17.00 UK ITV4

New ! FE Wake Up Call !
Formula E, Putrajaya Round 2: Sat Nov 22 ITV 6 am
Formula E Putrajaya ITV Coverage Preview home main
Let's Race, Rise & Shine to that Finish line(this time!) ...

New !  MIT's Prof Donald Sadoway announces range-tripling, low-cost EV cells
Sadoway MIT EVUK Exclusive Interview 2005 Plus:   why not travel back to the future and re-read our exclusive 2005 (!) interview with Prof Sadoway

Re-View !  Award Ignored :   Power Japan Plus get the DBM Kolibri tumbleweed treatment ...
IAIR Video Interview Power Japan Plus
...from 99%-plus of the world's old/new media

New !  An EV(UK?) result !
Daimler sells its near-billion dollar Tesla stake

New !  Tesla D/SD - a Disappointing, Driverless, Divisive Diversion ?
Daimler Merc Benz B Class Electric 87 mile range
Class Divide : when is a Tesla not a Tesla ?

New !  Tesla Tease Model "D" :
- are we talking double "D" - Daimler DENZA(186 miles, "China-only") ?!
NB: (ssh!) Daimler's stake in Tesla now worth over $1billion

Pit-Stop PS:   Beijing Crash-Smash proves:  FE batteries clearly ARE safe - easily safe enough to pit-swap for longer races.
Or:  Project Better Race(cont.)

New !  FE Wish list:  the gods smiled on EV's in Beijing
FE Beijing Heid Electriflying CrashBuddh Bo Tree in Buddh Gaya
- but when will Buddha do likewise ?

New !  EVUK Shout-Out to Formula E's Music MC's:
 Hip Hop's best -
   - Jay Z, Kanye West -
Jay Z TeslaKanye West in the Hood Believes in Musk Tesla Utopia
- are trickin & trackin to elekTRICK(50 Cent) rides

ΠSpanish TV ! Tunes in - finally agog - at (Sept) 11th Hour+ Î!)

New ! 13 Sept: Formula E Begins in Beijing
FE Beijing BeginLUcas Di Grassi FE Team Audi Sport
- but why just a 1 hour race ?

New !  A positive-negative battery EVUK exclusive:
- PJP-EVUK email confirmation:
- it's official: Tesla have not  yet tested disruptive dual-carbon cells(300 miles,3000 charges,cheaper,100% recyclable).
Game still on.

New !  Be careful what you say..
..on the way up .. J Oliver GM Satire Last Week Ton
- Musk praises long-range disablers(GM, BMW) - erases Tesla's enablers(Lotus, AC Propulsion).

New !   'Tyson' Taisan v Tesla show-down -
Taisan-Tyson PJP versus Tesla
- the battery-battering  bout heats up...

New !   Power Japan Plus :
Power Jap Plus Logo
- global mainstream silence grows ever louder...

New !   Power Japan's dual carbon cells promise 300 mile range - so why do headlines mis-focus on relatively irrelevant fast-charge ?
(BMW, Nissan & Co will not be displeased)

New !   Hold the front page ! BMW Blogs, 200 mile range rumours (mysteriously) hit Google (EV) News Page ONE (Tom M)
BMW BLOG 200 Mile_320 km Range Rumour

New !   The 300km / 186 mile per charge Mercedes-BYD-Daimler Denza: yours to buy from September
- provided you move to China, obviously.

BYD: "our batteries can reach over a million kilometres"

New !   To AutoBlogGreen re: BMW Q&A "sincerity" :
Yes, BMW are  'sincerely' committed to low-range, high-priced niche-cliché City EV's -
- and that's the problem !
DBM Energy/Kolibri 714 km range DEKRA validated
When is a BMW ..
  .. not a DBMW .. ?

...archived News continues right >>>>

Live Earth : 'Help Us Out' Will.i.am Live Earth
Earth Song
Earth Song Military Industrial Tank subdued on stage
MJ - Too Dangerous ?  See 'The Final Hit'.

Steven Seagal and Michael Caine Deadly Bear Slick Seagal - watch   two DEADLY clips: 1,  2
 + Seagal's ebike

NB. the anti-oil, anti-establishment 1994 movie 'On Deadly Ground' presages the 2010 BP Deepwater oil disaster - it also mentions faulty Blowout Preventers 13 times !  Oh - and we posted these 'deadly' warning links here..in 2005!
(PS. establishment reviewers and trolls obviously hate this movie..with a vengeance !)

One Click EV News latest:
Google / Yahoo - EV News

Google / Yahoo - Ebike,Scooter News
Trip down Memory Lane and the Memory Hole(2010) : DBM Energy's (605km) range-busting Audi A2 -
- just one TV company breaks the silence:
DBM New Tang TV China
NB. the above TV report was mysteriously but predictably "disappeared" from Youtube - we've re-uploaded it as of December 2019.  Note too that this 'unapproved' (by VW-Audi) A2 finished with 18% charge remaining - so think 714km...

The Independent:
"Air Pollution Responsible for More Deaths than Smoking - study".
( "Even More Deaths than Smoking..." would make for a better title!)
Pre-View ! July 31st, 2018:  Upcoming Release:   Album For Elon:    "Disrupted".
Music/Musik for Musk - by Mat Ward - OZ-based Green Left Weekly writer, musician, downunder disruptor.
Album2 Disrupted_for_Elon_Music_Musik_Musk2018_MWard_OZ
Album1 Disrupted_for_Elon_Music_Musik_Musk2018_MWard_OZ
"...a future bass album to be released on July 31 - when Mars is closest in its orbit to Earth"


Lithium Air ('Li-Air' - 1000 miles/charge) - permanently 5-10 years away ? Wiki Watch

60 year, £2 British LED's for the home 'on shelves by 2011'. So where are they ? How many more 'light years' must we wait ?
2012: Brit LED Plessey Breakthrough News

Tesla Model S v BMW M5(video):
Tesla Model S v BMW M5 drag race
Plus: click 1, 2 for two top test-drives - with videos

Watch: 0-60 mph in 1.6 secs
VW Brit Beetle 0-60 1.6 secs
VW British Beetle - Black Current III (2011)
All 'Current' Youtube videos

- Watch Electric Motor News TV

- Read Electric Bike Mag UK
Our best-value ebike choice: £695 Kudos Sport mountainbike & £549 Woosh Gale folder

News  archive (cont'd from col left)

New !   Just for the record(books?)
Tesla shares on fire, off the charts, a 6619% one-year-leap
Tesla 2013-14 share chartTesla Musk Sky Not the Limit Spacex
But almost no-one's reporting that BYD shares have soared 240% in one year

New !   Telegraph Feb 17: Green Tomato finally confirm 50 BYD deal dead   -  as we long suspected
New !   Thriev promise 20 BYD e6 taxis - sorry, 'chauffered private hire cars' - in London in February (but after Green Tomato no-show only seeing will be believing)
Breaking News: FT confirms Warren Buffett'ed launch today(Tue, 11 Feb) !

New !   Formula E Street Wolf Wrecks Ferrari Fugazi(or did he ?).
DiCaprio Wolf of Wall Street Wrecks Ferrari / Lamborghini
Watch (excl.) Oscar-worthy carnage.

Re-View !   A Lone Long-Ranger test-Rides again
CNN - alone again CNN - tests 186 miles/charge BYD taxis in Bogota
...while London loses its (green) Tomato Mojo

New !   US Military: "EV's pay for themselves"
Anti-EV 'militants': "EV's worthless after 5 years".

New !   DiCaprio enters formidable Formula E
- but will he champion two wheels too ?

New !   The Weight-Loss Waiting GameBamboo Plants Natal Wiki from BYD - Build Your Dream - to GYD - Grow Your Dream ?
BMW v BYD: with nanotech-bamboo/carbon fibre/super-strong graphene an e6 would - inevitably - exceed 220 miles / charge.

From Weight & Wait to Waste Recycled - to produce one very fast, featherlight F3 race car:
Warwick Waste Recycled Racing Car 1

New !   Tesla accelerates low-cost Model E debut to 2015. Yet another spooky EVUK coincidence ?!

New !   Tesla latest: no blazing news is good news - is FED probe having deterrent effect ?

New !   A result ? Tesla asks FED's to probe fires(just a week after our last lonely little piece re sabotage/foul play)

New !   Third Tesla "freak" fire - Tesla Third Fire conveniently filmed Breaking Energy Breaking Sabotage Silence
- at last someone else dares to talk sabotage/foul play

New !   Tesla latest: no blazing news is good news - is FED probe having deterrent effect ?

New !   A result ? Tesla asks FED's to probe fires(just a week after our last lonely little piece re sabotage/foul play)

New !   Third Tesla "freak" fire - Tesla Third Fire conveniently filmed Breaking Energy Breaking Sabotage Silence
- at last someone else dares to talk sabotage/foul play

New !   BMW i3 - radical ad hits UK TV screens.
Great green PRimetime PR - but who wants just 90 un-radical miles/charge(145 km)
- in 2013 ?

See also: Polar_Bear_Comes_to_Big_City_TV_Ad_Leaf_Nissan Hug US Nissan LEAF TV ad: polar bear heads to the Big City to bear-hug EV owner

New !   Alert/Memo to VWikipedians / the VWorld / VW :
VW e-Golf was unveiled/launched in 2010 in Shanghai - not in 2013 at Frankfurt Show. Watch exclusive 2011 German TV report/test-ride.

New !   Tesla fire was "contained,controlled..kept from passenger compartment" - cf. 150,000 gasoline car fires/year in US

New !   GM re-presents, GM Spark EV - LA Show 2012 short rangerepackages, recycles 2012's 200 mile per charge pledge as new news

New !  
- BMW Frankfurt: fuming BMW M6 owner sledgehammers car at Motor Show
- BMW Paris: BMW-Bluecar spy spat - espionage, sabotage, perverse PR stunt - feel free to speculate
BMW M6 owner destroys car at Frankfurt Show 2013

New !   "Backward'(!?) Bogotá shames London with record BYD taxi launch
BYD Bogota Video Official launch
- EVUK exclusive: Green Tomato Cars confirm further dithering delays..
Latest: watch Bogotá BYD launch video

Re-View !   2013: DBM's Hannemann re-confirms - with a wary, weary word and a wry smile - BMW et al don't want long range

New !   eRoadracing from Indianapolis: "This Is The Future" - says rider Shane Turpin(Youtube) eRoad Racing Indy Shane Turpin This Is Future

New !   A Special Tweet: (excl. latest) London's BYD taxis ARE now charged up and ready to launch "v. soon"
50 BYD e6 taxis London launch imminent Aug 2013
Forget BMW - the BYD range revolution will change EVerything...

New !   An 80 mile/charge, overpriced BMW i3 - or a 200 mile/charge DBMW i3 powered by DBM Energy / Kolibri cells ?
BMWi high price low range Niche Cliche
Which would YOU choose ?! It's a no-brainer BMW, nicht wahr ?
Plus: credibility, integrity, ethical track-record: BMW v DBM/GPM   GPM Logo Roland Gutsch Award - DBM Energy Kolibri
(Updated & corrected: 20 August)

New!   FIM eRoad Racing's US heats out-sizzle July's Valencia and Green Tomato squibs(as in damp)
Motors TV eRoad Racing eGRandprix youtube

New!   Lightning(photo) roasts petrol-powered rivals at Pikes Peak
Lightning Pikes Peak 218 mph at Bonneville ..and peaked at 218 mph at Bonneville
- powered by the sun

NB: July 14, Valencia(SPAIN) - inaugural FIM eRoad Race series start. Lightning to hit US heats

New!  Speed is a range issue too:
Isle of Man Honda Mugen Shinden God OnBoard plus Top_Bray TT Zero McGDrayson Electric sub-2000kg record 204 mph Formula E June 2013
- Drayson's FIA 204 mph record, Isle of Man TT Zero's Top Two, Buckeye Bullet's FIA 307 mph record
Plus the best onboard & trackside clips

New!  Toyota's coal-fired 'No' to EV's -
Toyota Gasoline Gunslinger perverso Verso TV Ad
- but 'Yes' to Gasoline Gunslingers..and TV child

New!   RE: Autocar's positively erroneous recent headline:
" BYD Launches e6 Taxi Fleet in HongKong & London"
HK not London BYD e6 Taxi launch May 2013
Oops - only in HK thus far, guys. Sadly.

New!   Pop Chart Car Wars:
Will.I.Am Secret Tesla v Hey Porsche Live Earth...
Will.I.Am's secret Tesla v #thatPower v Hey Porsche v Live Earth v Earth Song v Top Gear(six car-war clips)

New!   RIP - Race In Peace:
Edouard Michelin EV-angelist drowned liquidated 2006
- Edouard Michelin's (posthumous) 2013 Formula E victory...

New!   It's not SpaceX rocket science -
Nissan Venucia Viwa
- auto giants still refusing to deliver the long-range, stylish EV's consumers want -
- like this Nissan Venucia Viwa(Shanghai)

New!   142 mile Leaf - time to "target" Sunderland Echo, Nissan dealerships ?
Sunderland Echo Leaf Nissan Quake Front Page News
- time to turn over and turn out a new Leaf

New!   Boris beats off Bernie -
Ecclestone F1lthy lucre F1 London bid fails March 2013 London to host FIA
all-electric Formula E Grand Prix

New!   Hertz-EVUK Q&A exchange re range and Japan's 142 mile/228 km 'carrot' LEAF

New!   '50,000 LEAF's Sold etc' - but what of the genuinely new longer-range(143 miles), lighter version ? Remember, remember the
News from November ?New Nissan Leaf range increased price reduced etc
- media silence surrounds Nissan Global's 2012 range-busting announcement

New!   Carmakers and corporate choristers play the anti-battery fuel cell card
- yet again.

New!   BMW+VW's carbon fibre carrots:   - more manana PRomises from the world's top EV time-wasters, teasers, fake-believers
Carbon Carrot-Dangling Wheels from BMW VW
- even VW's Audi ain't swallowing it: Absprung durch Technik ?

New!   2013 News ? When will Boris "I need a 7-seater EV" Johnson say "Yes" to a mayoral Model 'S' ?
London Mayor Boris Johnson Tesla Roadster 2009
- or majestic Model 'X' ?
(Ask: mayor@london.gov.uk)

New!   Model S: Ninety high street, high-end gas-guzzlers that'll cost you (far) more than Tesla's game-changer
Tesla Model S Black Brad Pitt Fight Club Not What You Drive
(Brad Pitt provides a priceless punchline)

New!   GM fails to Spark rumoured 200+ mile range revolution at LA Show
GM Spark EV - LA Show 2012 short range ..and Fiat ignore Gaddafi's 160 mile 500 EV

New!   Range Relief + Belief at last as
Nissan Leaf Leaps Into Lead
New Nissan Leaf range increased price reduced etc
- 142 miles / 228 km per charge, $6000 cheaper(but only in Japan - for now)

Postscript: Wind VAT's are not 'bird-mincers' - Caltech responds to EVUK Q

New!   UK PM David Cameron:
Cameron Wind for EVs  "We need more offshore wind to power electric cars"

New!   LONDON: Green Tomato's 50 BYD taxis - or:  EVUK's email plea pays off(?!)
Green Tomato Cars BYD e6 x 50 to London
- UK set to become 'Real EV' Test-Ride Centre of the World

New!   Loremo promises Revival & Revolution
Geronimo ! Loremo ! The Come Back Kid?
(EVUK Exclusive)

New!   RrrEVvolutionary(sic) Canada:
- are you a disruptive range-busting battery EV pioneer seeking the Wild Life ?
Canada_rEVolution_WWF_2012WWF Logo
Head for Canada!

(...and avoid the Wild West)

New!   EV Website of the Century ?
BYD e6 - EU unique car-showroom ready to sell..
BYD e6 EU-nique car dealer Barcelona  Revolucion
Ready and waiting. (Sadly).
Plus: is Tesla's Musk still laughing at BYD ?

New!   Revolting Prols -
Bluecar CNN Mojo France24 best rare clips 2011 - please help spread this Revolution Francaise
(avec this email to Bluecar / Bolloré, par exemple)

Re-New!   Another EV Benediction / BlessingEV Benediction Pope - not electric yet from Pope Benedict
(but not yet as pictured)

New!   Summary of Summery news, views, taboos
Media Cycling+Lycra Hypocrisy Olympics - plus: Hypocrites a-Hoy ! When will turn-coat media return to (post-Olympic) bicycle-bashing & lycra-lashing ?
(and so much more..coming soon)

New!   London: Dark Knight Rising -
- Will Mayor take F1's 43 million .. or make the switch ?
Bluebird Batman Electric F1 - Batman Rises
F1 Electric: - Boris & Bernie Beware- Bluebird, Batman & The People Are Rising ...

New!   Ditch Deutschland - DBM/Kolibri ! Look East to theGreat Wall Motors Kula EV Bulgaria Kolibri Bulgarian-Chinese Great Wall(+CODA)

New!   Post-Cyber-Attack:
Restored & Resurrected: Live Earth, Earth Song, Will.i.am, Jacko's crucifixion, Tanks, Bulldozers..
Earth Song Military Industrial

New!   Renault EV's to be powered by Hummingbird(="Kolibri" in German) EVUK exclusive !
Renault EVs - the range
The full range ? Which would YOU choose ?

Compare & contrast:
BYD e6 blaze v 1000's of petrol-powered fire-deaths every year

New!   2012 Bluecar Blackout continues..
250+ km - "a revolution" with "international impact" - Mayor(ie.Paris - not Boris, sadly)
Bluecar CNN Mojo France24 best rare clips 2011ff
- but only one TV/media test-drive this year
- watch Bluecar best/rare clip collage

New!   Range Rebel(ie. 200 miles+) exclusive:
Hummingbird-Phoenix-Kolibri(aka DBM Energy) rises from arsonists'/sceptics'/cynics' ashes - with new English-German website

Kolibri Power Systems logo new site May 2012

New!   EVUK-Olympics 2012 coincidence postscript...

New!   Exclusive: DBM Energy have now "transformed" to Kolibri Power Systems AG.(eMobility/Tagesspiegel to EVUK)

New!  I quit ! EVUK's first 'Clarkson Clone' nominee leaves paper ..

Alert May 21-22: DBM Energy's elusive CEO to speak at eMobility/Tagesspiegel Summit    Homepage
June 11: Lecture re DBM by Tim Baack(eMobility,E.ON, Conergy etc)     (English - Google translated)

New! April Fuel Fool 24/7/365
As oil prices surge, EV TV/media coverage soars. Obviously.
(The) Who Won't Get Fooled Again ?
Who Wont Get Fooled Again

New! Envia v DBM Energy v the rest: Der Tagesspiegel's EV lithium overview
Plus: 500 v 5000 charges - who cares about life expectancy ?
Stop Press: German conservative(CDU) MP to visit DBM Energy(26.March)

New! Clarkson Clone Corner -
Brian Deller - Clarkson Clone
- send us YOUR best/worst picks & pics !

New! Make some news/noise !
We The People must make the news ..

New! "BPC Electrification":
 recruitment drive - or more EV PR & PR-EVarication ?
BMW i3 only 80-100 mile range
BMW i3 .. circa the same range(80-100 miles) as the 1997(!) Toyota RAV4 EV.
Just disconnect: BMWi(sic) - Munich-Berlin - DBM Audi A2(605 km)

New! Cher Alexei(Sayle,Telegraph):
Alexei talks Boll***s not Bollore Telegraph
- more Bolloré - less Boll***s please !

New! Racing world champions pure electric drive(FIA, Le Mans, Lola-Drayson, Damon Hill, ex-Top Gear 'Stig' ..)
Lola Drayson Le Mans race car British NEC Jan 2012 Youtube
- as Big Auto backs 'extended' PRocrastination
Red Hot ! Just in: Lola Drayson race car unveiling/interview video from Birmingham NEC(Jan 12)

New! "Global Auto Execs Don't See.." - KPMG survey confirms..

New! January release -
DBM Berlin Walls Award No Fireballs
- EnergyTV24 DBM Award video

New! DBM's Vision - "will be realized in the near future"
V for Vision DBM Energy
V for Victory ?
(without the Vengeance, Vendetta or Revenge)
Fawkes Revenge & Vendetta Mirrors
..and this fawking guy just wants a Revolution ..

New! Radical Redefined:
Get It Done & Seagal speeches
Anjali Appadurai: Get It Done DurbanSteven Seagal Deadly Ground Speech Finale Youtube
(Durban & Deadly)
+ viral Senatorial video nasty

New! A "Q for the Ladies":
J Clarkson or J Bardem(hates cars) ?

New! DBM / GPM - a non-anonymous post-award posting
Anon Mask for disruptive EVUK'ersAnon Mask for disruptive EVUK'ers

New! Six 'o' the Best: Q's for DBM Energy Award "Fish Bowl" forum(Mon, 28 Nov, Berlin)

New! EVUK English exclusive: DBM's Hannemann to receive top management award (Nov 28, Berlin. Be there !)
Musk Laughs at BYD e6 on Bloomberg TV DBM's Mirko Mirth - plenty to smile about/last laugh
- but that's not why Elon's laughing

New! Bardem - Bond Villain Elect has
- no Licence to Drive
- no car
Bardem no Drive - Fear - Jay Leno
- but what's the real reason ?
- is he green or yellow ?

New! BYD opens HQ in US - but still no EV's/e6's for sale(only buses!)

New! EV TV ads:
e6 / EV1 / Bulli ..
VW Thinkblue Bulli Ad Oct 2011 Esp
- the best, worst, old, new ..
Plus: how Enemy of the State's EV TV ad got lost
EV1 Ad lost in German State Enemy Staatsfeind
 in (German) translation

New! Frankfurt Show no-Shows: BYD, DBM, VW Bulli
plus: German TV confirms BYD taxis' 305+ km range
BYD e6 Taxi 305+km 3Sat TV Nano/Hitec Sept 2011
(Key clip now Youtube'd!)

New! Red Hot: Wall Street Daily(NOT Journal!) breaks English-language DBM/range silence

New!Gaddafi FIAT 160 miles - 10 min charge Big Auto shamed - or should be - by Gaddafi's 160 miles/charge li-ion Fiat 500

New! (Another Spanish lesson ?)
Peugeot-Iberdrola: IBE-creator SEAT(VW) snubbed ..
SEAT all-electric
Recap: VW voted Least Green carmaker

New! Tip: Pressw0rds - impresses whilst most suppress, depress... ..and Britain
misses the (charge) point(as ever..)

Mindset EV - DBM powered?

New! Surprise, surprise: 2012 RAV4 EV not for sale(what if we flash-mob Toyota dealerships?)

New! EVWorld - Echoing EVUK on DBM truth translation? (Almost: see Stop-the-Press update)

New! Long range tabooPeugeot e-Vivacity has legs touches TWO wheels too - Barcelona:
30 km Honda v 60+ km Peugeot(both predictably overpriced at €4000+)

New! June 24: Even Hotter News
New! June 14: World English Exclusive:
Samsung's 600 Million Euro offer to DBM Energy - interview, Frankfurter Rundschau, full excl. translation
..and yes - it was arson ..
DBM Mirko Hannemann

PReventing PRogress - update
Audi, media & public ignore DBM..DBM conforms to norm(ie. 125 mile max range -temporarily?) DBM June News

F1 EV: "World's Fastest" Electric Race Car

German Govt tests prove DBM's 600+ km range+5000 recharges+safety claims - so why is global media ignoring this giant lithium leap ?
DBM English text test results

New! Siemens Dumps Nukes - Period/Full Stop. Ditto Switzerland, Italy

New! Illuminati Seven - 207 MPGe, 0-60: 8 secs, 130 mph,
4 seats
- in style(video)
Solectria Sunrise -Rare clip
cf. 1996 Solectria Sunrise -what a long way we haven't come (?)..

New! Fiat 500(40 mpg - woah!) v Fiat Ecobasic(94 mpg,€5000 !
v Fiat 500 EV
Video On Road 94 mpg Ecobasic

New! Newsworthy: anti-nuclear, green Germany
Pringles Laughing Stock
leads European recovery
(plus DBM Energy lithium latest)

New! Mayor Boris ...
Boris HIGNFY Lost Irony
... and the TWO C-Zero's

New! Desertec: N.Africa -
CSP Saves The World
- solar Revolution/ReVolt - latest(Morocco unrest etc)

New! DBM prepare new range-record vehicle(another EVUK English exclusive)

New! Red Hot Breaking News(Jan 18): DBM's Audi A2 destroyed in fireball(an EVUK premonition - or what?)

New! Exclusive: Audi A2 "record" - DBM's EVasive, belated(Jan) German-only(!) response

New! Move over Rudolph -
Video Nirvana Lithium I'm So Happy..
- time for a little Lithium Nirvana

New! Germany's "RAC"(ADAC) & Die Zeit rubbish Audi A2 range record
DBM-Lekker-politicians Audi A2 EV video
plus Breaking Tidings:
ZEV Donner & Blitzen
- Yuletube latest

New! "60% of all new cars sold by 2020 will be electric"
- says real EV expert
Paul Octopus World Cup Sooth EVUK's stargazing Paul - right
Postscripts - including:
"St. Paul unveils electric fleet vehicle, charging stations"
(St. Paul ?! The Octopus ?!)

New! The Range Race:
DOE, SWRI aim to quadruple EV range by 2014
Daihatsu Mira 624 mile Japan Club
- but IBM air aims at 10x ..

New! Lithium - the many health & mood-altering
EV Smiley Sofia Smile Peugeot Ion Mallorca
 benefits ...

New! Eureka! Toyota,Tesla to rEVive(resurrect? See below) RAV4 EV .. with lithium
Hallelujah !

New! Earth Song, This Is It, MJ...Crucifying The Messenger(s)
Earth Song Corrie Meets Wonderland Alice meets Gore
...In Memoriam

New! Peugeot Ion - 24 hr "Le Mans" Madrid test-drive
- Spanish primetime TV News
Audi E-tron Le Mans June 2010
Plus: hot, fresh clips of Audi e-tron at June Le Mans !

Breaking News! Glos Motor Show goes massive with Mitsi MiEV !
Be there .. or be elsesquare !

New! Britain's only RAV4 EV
unique RAV4 EV in UK/Birmingham
+ EVUK + Morgan LifeCar(and other EV's..) at Glos Motor Show June 12-13th !

New! Spanish Synchronicity, Serendipity, Simultaneity:
StEVia lithium Bolivia double ripe harvest
1) Bolivia: EV's, StEVia, lithium("Bolithium" ?). A poor nation's double-ripe harvest.

2) Spain: Zapatero accelerates EV drive(Think Spain)
Zapatero Thumbs Pulgares para EVs
..the dots surely now join themselves, verdad ?
- DN! - reporting from Bolivia(April 19-23++)...y Stevia, Amy ? (instead of coca.. ?)
Una SEAT STEVia , por favor ? (Sure sounds sweeter than the "IBE"..)

See also: "SEAT al Sol"(Martorell solar site)
EV's & StEVia: a synchronous silence broken - simultaneously (almost !)

SEAT all-electric
Not (yet!) the SEAT StEVia ...(All-electric SEAT "IBE", Geneva 2010,Youtube)

...taking a LEAF out of Nissan's book - LEAFy, EV comment continued...

- ¡DN! - en español

New! US: Volcker's VAT
EU-logies - 24 hrs after (!) EVUK EVAT warning ..
(File under: ESPooky !)
CNBC Volcker VAT EUlogies EVUK ESP precog-Spooky
video & "VAT Plan is Nuts" response

New! 7-pin plugs -
Rainer Plempe 7 pin plugs surcharges tax
- the Taxman's Trojan Horse ?

New! BYD-Daimler & Youtube'd GenEVa
Daimler-BYD CNBC USA Zetsche

New! Tour de Presteigne 2010
Presteigne Ebike Rally 2006
- electric bike rally May 8th & 9th

New! The Reva-lution(ouch!)..
REVA-lution Televised 3
..has just been televised !

New! BMW's not quite so revolutionary ActiveE ..
BMW ActiveE lithium

New! Electric cars
- a stimulus package on wheels
BYD e6 Video Detroit Jan 2010
Video  - Solar Water Heaters China - New Scientist
..but will showrooms run green joint promotions ?

New! Moira G's in Japan(again) -
Earth Vehicle Home Charging etc promo
- watch excl. new MiEV / RAV4 EV clips !

New! August comment
Summer summary
Quiet optimism

Super lithium - the Italy-USA nanowire connection/EMN TV

New! Fiat - electric Panda
Fiat giant stretched Panda
- quando ?
We ask Italy's EMN TV

New! EDF Nuclear spies targeted UK/French truth-tellers,activists

New! Denmark's "Yes" to electric cars..
Denmark No Nuclear EVs
..and No! to nuclear power

New! EVUK Quiet Car
Moira and Citroen Desire EVStage
video shoot exclusive

New! EVUK is in presidential transition ... a state of suspended animation/disbelief etc
- back very soon with:
1) a vengeance
2) a UK & world first: exclusive Quiet Car video-shoot from S.Coast

New! Rays of Hope/Conference alert(Oct 27-28):
Google backs Smartgrids, renewables,Nanosolar, EV's,Tesla, plug-ins -
- opposes nuclear & coal

New! EDF.org (clean, green) backs smart grids, smart solutions - unlike Gordon/Andrew Brown and EDF.fr

New! BBC uses EV's as pretext
The China Syndrome - Jack Lemmon
 to push nuclear & coal

New! Zero CO2 Rally Africa -
Lion on Land Rover
- an update

New! Rod Wilde: "Tell EVUK'ers ..
Planet Green Wilde Arizona
..to watch my new EV show on Discovery TV! "
(Alert: Part IV now added !)

New! Exclusive! Quiet Cars:
Jester EV
- powered by top British li-ion & wheel-motor pioneer

New! EV Village - tough questions
EVUK & RAV4 Channel Islands
..from cash-strapped consumers needed at Brit Motor Show!

New! CNN Asia Eco Solutions:
Eco Elvis sings Compost Hotel
Eco Elvis, battery-swap EV's in Nepal, Green Tomato cabs in London

New! Desert solar(just 1% of Sahara)
CSP Saves The World
could zap nuclear & coal

New! Neil Young:
Neil Young 59 Lincoln
"EV's - not songs - could change the world"

Neither a golf cart...

Lexus 2054 The Lexus 2054 all-electric sports car. The Supercar-Star of the Spielberg film 'Minority Report' achieves an impressive 0-60 in 4.5 secs and has a top speed of 90 mph. Unlike the plot of this Sci-Fi film - the Lexus is Science Fact now - anno 2002. Not 2054. Forget 'futuristic' - this is future now technology.

...nor a milk float

The Nissan Altra Looks that speak for themselves. Slick, state-of-the-art, stealth..and just 1.50 for a 120 mile charge. You do the math(s)! - you can be sure the Treasury already has! The mainstream motoring media give it near- rave reviews ...

Real, long-range EV's available/'test-able' in the US - of course unheard of in the UK/Europe:

: Solectria Sunrise* - 373 miles per charge. ('mpc') (cost - 3.50)
: GM EV1 - 225 mpc.
: Nissan Altra EV - 120 mpc..
: The Xebra Roadster EV - 100 mpc.
: Ford Ranger EV - 100 mpc.
: DaimlerChrysler Epic Minivan - 100 mpc.This is the electric version of Tony Blair's 'Grand' people-carrier.
: Tzero - 100 mpc. Smacks the phat a!se (US=a!s) of a Ferrari in San Francisco.
: Toyota Rav4 - 125 mpc.

* The Sunrise is So good - no major carmaker will touch it ... BMW/Rover/Alchemy what's the story? What do we owe OPEC (BP, Shell...)? See "EV Campaign"


Please - Ford, Nissan et al: don't just force-feed Europeans with WORTHY but NERDY little eco-shoppers designed to deter mainstream car-buyers!! "TH!NK VAR!ETY, TH!NK CHO!CE!!"

How's about an electric MCC Smart Roadster, "Smart Tridion", PT Cruiser, Ford StreetKa (e-StreetKa?) or an EV'en better Beetle? See Dynasty's "IT" dreamcar.

NEW! But things are looking up - see News for update on the 'e-Ka model' unveiled by Ford...

See our Hotlinks pages: everything from
red-hot electric dragsters, motorbikes, e-scooters, superfast electric go-karts, police on electric mountainbikes etc. etc. plus our favourite SOA renewable energy links.

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Please note: Whilst we welcome your feedback and comments, we'd like to stress that the role of EVUK is primarily to raise public awareness and to increase pressure from the public for change: sadly, "real", advanced, long-range EV's have only been made available - and publicized - in the USA and Japan (with the exception of Jersey, UK). So please don't ask us where to buy them in the UK - instead, why not join the campaign by visiting Britain's leading - EVUK-linked - EV Discussion(& Media Watch) Group Electric Cars UK?)

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Jersey - UK Channel Islands- Police RAV4 EV & Moira G.

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EVUK Exclusive:
- how Enemy of the State's EV TV ad got lost
EV1 Ad lost in German State Enemy Staatsfeind
 in (German) translation

German TV confirms BYD taxis' 305+ km range
BYD e6 Taxi 305+km 3Sat TV Nano/Hitec Sept 2011
..with air-con full on(EVUK excl. clip)

2,142 km in 24 hrs - in 1999
Mitsubishi FTO EV 2,142 km in 24hrs
- Mitsubishi's Guinness World Record - still buried after all these years..
Mitsubishi FTO team 1999
..the Mitsubishi FTO - and the team to beat

Etox detox:
£15,000 ! If Turkey can do it(price+style Revolution)..
Etox Turkey $20000
..then why not Egypt, Tunisia, Greece..?

News  archive (cont'd from col left)

New! Gaza EV
Gaza EV video
breaks fuel blockade

New! Presteigne ebike rally - 'bigger & better'(May 17-18)

New! Black Cabs, Green Tomatoes

New! Accident-prone Bond and Top Gear - jinxed ?

New! Two companies(Ajanta, Farnow) plan 1 lakh Indian EV rivals to Nano
Plus: will Iran join EV axis ?

New! Zzzenn, Zzzzap - and EV
Zenn NEV
press release fatigue...

New! Jay Leno takes
2008 Tesla Roadster
Leno Garage 2008 Tesla test drive
for a spin (NBC video)
(Updated: 31/3/08)

Re-View! Economist & Guardian in EV Trash-talk shocker !

New! Denmark - a far Better Place for Agassi venture !

New! Moving EV production to India - eco heresy ?
Update(31/3/08): Dynasty EV sold to Pakistan Co.

New! Daily Telegraph claims ZeCar "exclusive"
Mike Rutherford three Face
- 4 months after EVUK (!)

New! sQuba: when will Bond ..
Rinspeed sQuba
... and Broccoli go green ?

New! UK media wowed by £15000(?) ZAP Alias 3-wheeled performance EV

New! Electric cars for Israel ...
Elephant In The Room
... electricity cuts for Gaza...

New! Eight Tata Nano's for the price of ...
... one G-Wiz ?!

New! Solartaxi in Bali:
Bianca Jagger drives Solartaxi
Watch: Bianca Jagger, a Nobel Laureate, NY Mayor ... and a Midnight Oil Minister..

New! Eddie's low-cost Li-ion ebikes take off

New! Stanford's Nanowire
lithium batteries promise
1000+ miles/charge

New! November News wrap: Zap Xebra beaten by ZeCar,
Xebra stripes
 EV's at British Int. Motor Show, police trial Vectrix
- and much more

New! CNBC must-C TV:
JR's ebike..
Larry Hagman ebike, Solar Farm etc CNBC
.. Agassi's $200m, World Energy Congress etc

New! Subaru double range of R1e to 200km / 125 miles

New! UK Breaking News Exclusive:
Global Village Transport EVs
- GVT EV's are GO !

New! CNN's 'Eco Solutions'-
Bereco 2500 Watt Electric Scooter
- featuring electric wheels ?

New! Frankfurt update:
Frankfurt E-Loremo confirmation
- CEO confirms: electric Loremo planned

New! E-Loremo debate hots up
Loremo Diesel Track test
- but only in Germany..

New! Live Earth:
'Help Us Out' - 24/7/365

Solartaxi World Tour - Diary,Videos - latest

New! EVUK Q&A: Lightning Cars...
(Greased) Lightning Rod Wilde
Lightning Sports Electric Nanosafe
... take on 'Lightning Rod'

New! Solartaxi World Tour - video diary
(Watch CNN Turk, Berlin etc videos)

New! Duran Duran in Tesla Roadster at Live Earth?
Tesla at Goodwood FOS UK
Pure fantasy - or what?
Now see post-Live Newsflash !

New! July 3 start:
SolarTaxi World Tour
SolarTaxi World Tour
needs you!
Now watch exclusive video !

New! Eco Car World, Yokohama, Japan.
EVUK in Yokohama - Moira in MiEV
- EVUK exclusive video report

(Updated: 24 June!)

New! 1000+ miles/charge
Li-ion ?
Prof Peter Bruce O2 Electrodes
- Scottish scientist's high hopes for 'O2 Electrodes'

New! May 14,'07: Tesla on ABC News
Tesla on ABC News
Nightline (internet-) TV

New! ZAP's week: CNBC interview..
CNBC interview with ZAP CEO
..PML link-up, Lotus visit...

New! Robert Redford's 'The Green' eco TV
The Green / Big Ideas
series debuts on Sundance TV

New! Watch "Who Killed the Electric Car?" report
Democracy Now on 'Who Killed The Electric Car?'
- with extended excerpts and interviews(Dem Now, Apr 13)

New! Watch Killacycle hit 156 mph and 0-60 in 1.5 secs using A123Systems Li-ion

New! Electric Motor News TV -
Electric Motor News TV
tune in - and turn up the volume !

New! Low cost lithium ebikes
Synergie Mistral Li-ion
hit UK streets

New! Oscars 2007 - roll out
the green carpet
Tom Hanks ACP eBox
- but will Hanks be driving the eBox ?

New! Make Green Pay
CNBC Make Green Pay debate at Davos 2007
Watch CNBC video

New! 500 long-range(112 miles), fast(62 mph) TH!NK EV's promised by summer 2007

New! Plug-ins & EV's need not burden grid
2008 Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid
- the consensus goes global

New! Take that - Toyota!
GM's Chevrolet Volt
GM Chevrolet plug-in hybrid concept Detroit
plug-in debuts at Detroit Show
Watch Video presentation

New! Park and Power -
Park and Power
-a shameless plug for a new sponsor..

New! New TV channel(UK/Europe/Int) shows
Courreges lithium Zooop EV
Zooop EV 480 times a day(no really!)
Also: watch Zooop zip round Paris

New! Phoenix SUV & SUT: 'One Nano Step for Man -
Phoenix / UQM Nanosafe rapid charge SUTruck
- One Giant Leap for Mankind '

New! Lithium ebikes now...
Panasonic Lyrebird Ebike. Model: BE-EHB67
..same price(in Japan!) as lead-acid in EU/US

New! Altair Li-ion cells could last '40 years/15,000' charges
(See also: Altair SUV video below)

New! EV Symposium(EVS-22) in Yokohama, Japan, Oct 23-28(exhibitor list)

New! Watch: Fifth Gear puts Top Gear to shame...
Al Gore Talks Tesla/Climate Change
..with Al Gore Tesla/climate Change interview

New! 200 mile /10 min charge Altair SUV gets mass test-drive in US
Altair NanoSafe SUV
(Video clip, Gravid Films)

New! Watch: CBS News on
fuel cells v batteries -
GM Sequel FCV
- and the BBC on neither!

New! City EV's: three Davids vs. one Goliath?
Smart EV at British Int Motor Show 06

New! Tesla Roadster(0-60 in 4 secs, 250 miles/charge) -
Schwarzenegger at Tesla Roadster launch
- the best TZero spin-off so far?

New! JCB Dieselmax - the fastest 'oil-burner' on the planet

New! NICE Mega City EV - first photos just in...

New! 'NICE' surprises in store..
Nice Car Company NICE EV
..at British International Motor Show?

New! Plug-in taxis head for London...
Green Tomato Prius
- plus a few Gruadian corrections!

New! Toyota announces new RAV4 EV policy(GreenCarCongress)

New! BBC Radio 4 vets EVUK for "Who Killed..." debate

New! Bibendum Paris(June 8-12) -
Bibendum - definitely not sunk - ignored by UK mainstream media(as predicted!)

New! BBC and Attenborough - some green bottle at last?

New! Electric vanguards -
Modec in London 1
- Q&A with Modec director Trevor Power

New! BBC's green fly-on-wall hits mark

New! Attn David Cameron :
David Cameron in Lexus
- plug-in your Lexus hybrid and get 60 mpg!

New! Watch Now!
"Rob Newman's History of Oil"
Rob Newman History of Oil

- a satirical tour de force

New! The Independent goes extra green mile on plug-ins, EV's, ebikes
Amberjac Plug-in
 - plus relateed BREAKING NEWS!

New! TV Alert! Robert Redford(Ch 5 TV,Sun): "Oil fields! This whole damn thing was about oil !"
Redford - Three Days of Condor

New! Global Village Mystery -
Global Village History Lesson
- and a local history lesson

New! Clooney's Oscar triumph
Clooney Oscar for Syriana
- and UK Tango taboo

New! Young 'misfits' shame Big Boys..
Soybean/electric supercar
..with soybean/electric supercar(Watch CBS video)

New! Clooney with Tango on Leno ...
Clooney Leno Tango Baker EV's
... video anyone?

Anonymous SourceNew! Cryptic news with clues breaks January blues

New! Hotwires : Rawstuff
- rewired!

New! 'Who Killed the Electric Car?'
EV Confidential film banner
Watch Sundance film trailer and related video clips...
EV Confidential film banner
- plus: 'EV Confidential'/EVUK plugged in Observer

New! Nov EV highlights including..
Clooney in The Mirror..
Clooney in Syriana
MIT's Sadoway on Li-ion v. Hydrogen..
Miljobil Smart EV 2005
..and Miljobil's 200 km per charge Smart EV

New! Dec 8th: "Going the Green Mile"
- Camden/Transport for London event

Superlight/fast SIE EbikeNew! Superlight/fast "SIE" Li-ion ebike just got even better!

EVUK in Good Website Guide 2006New! EVUK among Top 5000 sites
- in Good Website Guide 2006
(..and again in 2007 !)

New! Could A123Systems/MIT nano-Lithium spark EV range revolution?

New! BBC's Jonathan Ross buys wrong car...
Jonathan Ross G-Wiz
...for the right reasons ?

New! TV Alert! Scrapheap's EV Challenge

Tango with ClooneyNew! From Banbury to Burbank: Clooney with new Tango
- plus 'fantasy face-off' !

Clarkson Pie at Oxford Brookes UniNew! Jeremy Clarkson - and BBC - get just desserts

New! Major B2B Renewables Forum: Sept 22-25, 2005, Augsburg, Germany.

Mitsubishi Lancer Li-ion MIEVNew! Mitsubishi's mighty Lancer Evolution MIEV at Shikoku EV Rally

MItsubishi i MinicarNew! Mitsubishi EV to launch 2 years early
 - a result!
(Subaru R1e will follow in 2009..)

California RoadsterNew! Roadster EV wows Porsche owner, Mini driver - watch/read KATU TV News(US) report

Bibendum Paris 2006New! Paris to host Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2006
(June 9-12)

Honda FCX first - Spallino familyNew! Progress reports(x3): Electrovaya EV, Honda FCX, DoE's $195m funding for EV's...

Welsh National Park ebikersNew! Welsh(Pembrokeshire) National Park staff swap cars for ebikes

Bingen Virtual Power PlantNew! Watch DW TV video now! World's first virtual green/clean power plant

rMoto Robrady/Vectrix SuperbikeNew! Robrady/Vectrix "rMoto" Superbike gets green light(Gizmag)

New! Bottom-Up EV/Environmental Revolution
- in China

Roger Moore in FetishNew! Watch clip now! Roger Moore 007 in French Fetish heaven! (Fifth Gear)

Prius Plus Li-ion UKNew! 125+ mpg plug-in(able) Prius+ to sell in UK/Europe in 2006 !

Maya 100 230 miles/chargeNew! Electrovaya ties Norwegian knot

Fetish Roger Moore in MonacoNew! Roger Moore and Channel 5 TV get into Fetish Gear

New! Scots beat English...with new EV initiative.

MIT sLimcellNew! Mitsubishi Colt EV - range could be greater than 150 km

MIT sLimcellNew! MIT's 300+ mile/charge bendable dream cells
- manufacturers wanted!

Branson hybrid brainwaveNew! Branson's blue sky brainwave? No - MG Rover were already planning hybrids!

CNN Electric Kart/Car reportNew! "Race to the Future" - Watch CNN's electric go-kart report now !

Toshiba Super Charge Nano Li-ionNew! Toshiba's new nano Li-ion for cars etc. - charge in 60 secs !

EVS21 Monte CarloNew! EVS21 in Monte Carlo(April 2-6): a quick look ahead - and back.

New! UK race car/aerospace specialist plans novel zero emission Li-ion hybrid.(EVUK exclusive!)

DfT/LowCVP Eco LabelsRe-View! Only EV's pass Dept for Transport's green label test.

Batscap BlueCarNew! Batscap/Bolloré unveil long-range Li-Polymer BlueCar(was "VBE1") at Geneva Motor Show.(Dassault's Cleanova III is there too!)

TDI E-Guided TramNew! Rail-free Trams - and other 'non-stop campaign' news.

New! "Oil: The Party's Over" - Freespeech TV(Watch online)

TS EV2008 BusNew! Thunder Sky defends (temporary?)
Li-ion price increases.

Hyundai Accent EVNew! Saphion Gen II Li-ion - poised to charge into lead? 

Scrooge Re-View! DUDE, where's my hydrogen? Michael Moore and the Ghost of Christmas Future. Now with 'Keep Cool' update

Kristie Lu Stout CNNNew! Spark - CNN's bright new tech/eco-tech show puts BBC TV to shame

New! EV / ZEV Broken Promises: EVUK and The Daily Telegraph (Part II)

Vincent BolloreNew!BatScap/Bolloré's low-cost, long-range li-ion VBE1 - an update

EliicaNew! Peter Lyon travels through time in the 250 mph Li-ion Eliica (Auto Express & Daily Mail)

Mercedes A-Class EVNew! EV / ZEV Broken Promises:
EVUK and The Daily Telegraph (Part I)

New! Daily Mirror double whammy: War More Years & God Help America..and the planet!

Volvo 3CCNew! Exclusive: Volvo's Ichiro Sugioka tells us more about the 180 mile/charge, 85 mph Li-ion "3CC"

Will Young OxygenNew! Will Young and 'Mr Kwik-Fit' back exhaust-free scooters - could Paltrow, Spacey be next? ScootElectric interview.
(..now with added 'Sam' ! )

New! UK Thunder Sky Li-ion Conference Update

New! Photos of Tom Hanks with 'Hankster'/Scion & Toyota RAV4 EV (courtesy EV Guide, Norway)

Solarvan New! Solarvan's Thunder Sky upgrade - one year on
..plus 'Olympic EV Challenges'.

Re-View! BYD China pledges long-range advanced EV production by 2006

TS Mao limo New! Steve Green's
"state visit" to Thunder Sky, China
- full story/travelogue

New! Chinese electric sports convertible from Haixingma
- is it for real?

New! BBC1 "Global WarNing" Special (28-30 Jul) -is the Beeb biting the bullet at last? (Update - now read our post-show verdict)

New! EVUK in the Washington Post (Sunday, July 11 edition)

Re-View! Bolloré/EDF low-cost li-ion 'VBE1' promises 187 miles/charge, 81 mph, 2-3hr recharge.(Full French source: autoactu)

Electrum SpyderNew! The electrifying Electrum Spyder - we talk to UEV's Greg & Diana Lane

New! Fed up of footie flags & empty patriotism? Fly EVUK's Exhaust'ed Planet flag instead!

HanksRe-View! Tom Hanks' Electric Company('Hankster' EV?) - watch Dave Letterman Show clip now! (Even Hotter News JUST IN!)

New! Alexei Sayle: Bush's America "addicted to empty patriotism, petrol, pedestrian-crushing 4-wheel-drive trucks, etc etc". (and Britain isn't?)

New! Ex-GM EV1 pioneers(x2) fully committed to development of ultra long-range, advanced battery EV's.

New! 'Enforcer' ebike gets London police endorsement

New! American Media On The 'Right' Wavelength

New! Rolling Stones, Bill Clinton, Di Caprio in Global Warming concert.(Feb,2003)

New! China Saloon EV Chinese Co. claims 444 km range for lithium EV-saloon. Photos just in!

New! Bush in Car Watch (free)TV satire Smash Hit online NOW!: 'Between Iraq and a Hard Place'. It's not about oil or mass distraction, OK?!

New! Nu Age/NuPower -another EV alliance announces breakthrough battery technology.(Jan,2003)

New! ZAP announces triple-performance, freeway-capable EV's at Las Vegas Show.(Jan 2003)

New! Is Driving the New Smoking? asks the BBC (at last...).Add your views/vote!

New! TH!NK City takeover-makeover: 200km+ range breakthrough in prospect.

New! Hollywood Beach, Florida: EV Fest, Dec 10-13 2002.

New! Ford design chief's battery-bamboozler - just add hot lithium please!

KERPOW! Check out the comic-book colour pizzazz of Electric Cars.com

New! Lithium Hotlinks! - 200 mile range plus quick, cheap recharge? Bring it on...

New! Sp- oils of War / Oil Spills of Mass Destruction (updated)

New! tornado bike BBC 'in the saddle' ebike interview with EVUK

New! New ultralight, superstrong steel set to revolutionize car (..and EV/ebike?) construction(Sept 2002)

New! China succumbs to F1 / tobacco megabucks

New! Ford - TH!NK China !! (Sept 2002)

New! Avestor/Hydro aim to build first ultra-advanced Lithium-powered EV (Sept 2002)

New! hurricane bike Royal Parks Police get first ebike
Update! Hyde Park Police in London to patrol parks on new Ecolux Police "Enforcer" ebike... See latest picture!

New! Adbusters : Got Oil?! - a must-see, patriotically-incorrect(sic) spoof !

New! chinese ev China to champion long-range, high-performance Lithium EV's ...

New! BBC still omitting "Environment" from Homepage and Ceefax

New! MDI air car MDI Air Car Update 2002 !! Official UK presentation of MDI Air Car in London, 20th September 2002

New! Top Gear mag goes MEGA on MDI Air Car (August 2002)

New! Wowie! Bowie takes Soho trips on Zappy...

New! RAV4 EV Help us bring the Toyota RAV4 EV to UK/Europe in 2002!!

New! kaz The 186 mpc/186mph electric limo, the 'Kaz': Transport Fit For A Queen or Two....?

New! "BIG CITY KILLER" - New Scientist March 9, 2002... "If the cigarettes don't get you the traffic pollution will"

EVUK Surfer-Survey

New! Tom Cruise and Jay Leno drool over electric Lexus - Supercar-Star of 'Minority Report'.
lexus ev

New! Economist confirms Lithium Battery potential - the best is yet to come(June 20,2002)

New! BBC Science recommends EVUK (... as does CNN !! )

Update 2002 !! Lepton escooter Lepton electric scooters - outperform the rest by miles/kms, Evercel Nickel Zinc batts - now available in UK. 50+ km per charge .....

New! World's Sexiest EV up for sale: just 10,000(!) - Summer 2002

New! spacey Kevin Spacey and Dame Judi do Central Park..on a Zappy.

New! Samantha Fox and French Soccer Stars in e-Karting photo-call

New! The Times asks to print EVUK letter(23 May '02)

New! chinese ev Made-in-China nanotech-enhanced, long-range Lithium battery-powered EV's will enter the market in near future. 200 miles-a-charge, recharge very cheaply in "under 10 minutes". ...

New! "Britain's Noisiest Roads" - and the Silence of the Media

Newsflash! US Company seeks UK/EU partners for its price-busting, ultra-long-range Lithium batteries...

Ford re-TH!NK City for 2002 : great new look - same old batteries / range...

New! US Senate rejects 50% fuel economy increases

NEW! Bush's 'Deadly' Alaskan oil: Seagal speaks!
Listen to Real Audio of Seagal's speech! Moving stuff - but
is it enough to make a Bush blush ? (Teachers everywhere - please beg, steal, borrow or just plain rent this video!)

Newsflash sensation : Blair Science Chief calls for UK-wide ban on sale of all(!) petrol & diesel cars - a.s.a.p. (Feb '02) (..but media IGNORES story..)

New! Bush backs 'Freedom Car' cop-out.

New! Natrium FCV: 'soap-powder' power for 300 miles

New! Punch hits out at 'Blair Petroleum' (BP)

New! Harry Potter and Zero-Emission Flight...

New! Vorsprung durch(Elektro-)Technik - Electric Mini ("Evergreen") from Germany. Up to 250 km / 156(!) miles per charge - allegedly...

New! Nanotechnology set to boost battery range/power - AND cut cost. (oh - and recharge 100 times faster..)

MDI air car

New! French Revolution!! - Negre Air-Powered Vehicles(120 miles per charge/ 68.75mph) on sale from 2002. Vive La EV-olution!

See new 'Hot Air-Car Pics'

New! America's / the West's fatal addiction to (Arab) Oil.

New! BBC "Top Gear": still clueless about battery-powered EV's...

"CAR-cinogen of the Year Awards - 2001" - people will be able to choose their favourite between Benzene, Platinum, MTBE, and PAH - or suggest their own favourite..

New! Kids tell BBC: "We want electric cars!"

Clean air, no-go zones: Royal Mail to go electric

New! 150 mile per charge, 4 seater headed for Britain - ATT RD(Korea) seeks partners .

NEW! "Brain Dead Car Ads"(TV&print)
"Vielen Dank" to J. Gottfried of Friedberg, Germany for sending this tasty/tasteless... 'titbit' ...
Keep sending us your nominations!

NEW! Catalytic heavy metal danger - alarming new EU study...

ford e-ka NEW! Ford E-Ka and Government's "Cleaner Vehicle Task Force - Question:

NEW! 'Traffic Pollution really can KILL YOU!' New Scientist(Aug. 2000).
'City-dwellers in Europe and the US are dying young because of microscopic particles in air'.

NEW! jersey rav4 ev police car Jersey Police love their 1p per mile RAV4-EV
EVUK's Moira Govan heads for Jersey to find out more..

NEW! Jersey Europcar MD would hire100 RAV4-EV's in London tomorrow if Toyota would supply them...

BBC Radio 5 Interview

Live transatlantic chat ( set up by EVUK team member ) with editor of USA's EV World

More News

Moira Govan Turns Heads... And Sucks Amps
UK leading EV-angelist goes to San Francisco... moira

"California", she says " is light years ahead of petrol-protectionist Britain"..read her report... or

Back in the UK... Moira re-VOLTS... and searches for a real, long-range EV, to learn to drive. Still searching. My kingdom for a Nissan Altra or Solectria Sunrise...

US stars endorse EV crusade..hey Sting, McCartney!! How's about an EV or two in your UK fleets?!!

Homer Simpson Homer sings the EV-iltruth...

CAR-tels & CAR-bolics
The UK's car-ad subsidised, car-lobbied media consistently ignores/misrepresents the Zero Emission Alternative. For over three years EVUK's Jim Carlucci has been lashing out at the press with letters, emails, and...'angry stuff'..


EVT Quad Yes - it's electric! Just one of EVT's range of high-performance, emission-free quad-bikes("ATEV's")

For wind-turbines, energy-saving tech and...
Energy and Environment UK
Energy & Environment Ltd(UK)

Thought For The Day/Decade
Fuel cell hard-sell and filling station dependency..

Americans, unlike Europeans, have every reason not to question the growing fuel cell hype. This side of the pond, however, you can bet your bottom Euro that every vested interest in sight - taxman, oil-turned-hydrogen fuel-supplier(ie. BP, Texaco, Shell etc.) , 'ICE'-maker and 'ICE' retailer(see 'Glossary') - will frantically connive and collude to keep the price of hydrogen fuel pegged at least as high as that of petrol.

Indeed Exxon, Toyota and GM have since 1998 been openly conspiring - sorry "collaborating" - to ensure that we actually continue to use petrol(!) to power our fuel cell cars. So - there'll be no ulterior motives there then. Europe's drivers have two clear eco -nomical escape routes from this filling-station tyranny:

1) charge-at-home battery EV's like the e-Ka, Altra, Sunrise (see DIY clean electricity Hotlinks) AND....

2) fuel cell vehicles powered by 'home brew', DIY hydrogen - ideally stored as liquid for real range. (Attempts will no doubt be made to ban this option on "safety" grounds).Don't expect the media here to dwell on these fuel cell 'negatives': they will no doubt simply continue to dance to whatever tune the carmakers and car advertisers want them to twirl to....
See also The Economist (24th March): 'The Fuel Cell's Bumpy Ride'
See also: "Fuel cells and the Platinum Problem"

Disagree(and don't work for Exxon)? Tell us why


THE UK's VISIONARY HIGH-TECH Transport Minister, John Pressconn, today announced that DOWNING Street rooftops are to be fitted with state-of-the art SOLAR PANELS and that Midlands based CLOVER CARS, renowned world-leaders in space-age Alternative Vehicle Technology, would be supplying Ministers with worldbeating Electric Vehicles ( or "ZEL's": 'Zero Emission Limousines's/Limo's ) fitted with Electrofuel's revolutionary 250 mile-per-charge Superpolymer Lithium-ion batteries.
To read this article in full see Rawstuff

** For more on Pressconn, obsolete relics etc. see Hotwire.
"You Can Tell World Leaders by their Cars" - see Hotwire
"Lisa for President?!" - see EVUK's Hollywood page.

Glossary for the uninitiated:
* ZEV - 'Zero Emission Vehicle'
* EV - 'Electric Vehicle'
* ICE - 'Internal Combustion Engine'
* NICE - 'No Internal.....as in Have a Nice Day!'
* mpc - 'miles per charge'

EV Camp
..or more precisely..RrrEVolting ActionEndless procrastination, endless excuses but when will long-range EV's hit the High Street?.
Spread the message, wear the T-shirt - logo: "Have a N.I.C.E. Day!/Suck Amps!"
Want to buy an EV but can't afford it? POWERSHIFT grant will subsidise cost of long-range EV's - if you can get hold of one!

Not 'FAQs' but 'FMCs':Frequently Made Comments such as "cars are cleaner today"..."hybrids and fuel cells are the future" "the social cost of a car-based society" etc. yawn etc.

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